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Spare no effort in developing new medcine .

Grasp the latest demand, never satisfied and insist research and development .

Nowadays, what kind of medicine is really needed?
The progress of times brings many new demands and Kokando is determined to satisfy all of customer’s needs with our research and development.
Never satisfied with current success and always being flexible is our principle. Spare no effort in making the high quality medicine is our mission.

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    Grasp the lastet information and always devoted into the new medicine to meet the need of new times .


It is people who are responsible for quality management .

To live up to customer's trust, we implement the best management .

Kokando insists reliable high quality management. From materials, intermediate products to final products.
In order to live up to customer’s expectations and trusts, we implement the best management.

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    we implement the most serious management and put our ideas into practices by carrying out experiments.
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    In the laboratory, we use the most advanced IT technology to analyze pharmaceutical ingredients,manufacture high-quality products through the most advanced technology.


All of our products are produced in extremely clean factory.

High performance system and solid production line make sure the production of high-quality medicine.

In order to produce high-quality medicine with a large quantity, we introduced the latest system and machine.
By carefully checking every link of process with computer, we are able to set the optimal temperature and humidity to make sure the high quality management.
Every employee in Kokando is armed with the sense of management and complies with every step of quality management.

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    Grasp the lastet information, alway devoted into the new medcine to meet the need of new times .