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Message from our President

New possibilities are born from flexible thinking

Being flexible and create new possibility The circumstances for pharmaceutical companies are changing every moment.
Nowadays, many developed countries are suffering from aging society that on the other hand bring more expectations for the innovation of medical technology. In fact, as developed counties are undertaking a lot of pressure of restraining medical expenses, medical markets in developing countries are becoming into form.
Our priority is to make reliable medicines on the base of knowledge and experience.
Always stay sensitive to the change of time, always keep your heart passionate, never afraid of challenging and go globalization step by step.
For the benefit of consumers and patients of offering them reliable and effective medicine, we will spare no effort in the investment of research, machine and people with the sense of ethics.

High qulity product with a resonable price

What is the expectation for generic maker?
Stable offering, reliable quality, transparent information and globalization.
Globally, almost every country is developing the generic drugs markets and not only the developed countries, the developing countries are also trying to restrain medicine expenses.
In japan, the industry of generics are on the way of commercialized and the cost competition is very keen.
Kokando insists implementing the best quality management and manufacture management in order to offer the high quality medicine with reasonable price for all our customers and patients.
With the help of latest analyze machine and software; we are committed to implement the best quality management in every link from materials, intermediate products and final medicine with the most efficiently management techniques.
Just as what big pharmaceutical company does, Kokando also implements the best manufactory machine and is on the way of intensives. At the same time, we are also doing our best to produce the high quality medicines with the auto-computer checking system.

Our mission "healthier, prettier"

Kokando’s mission is to catch every single new demand emerges as time changes and also contribute to the realization of a healthier life which is the pursuit never changes for every generation.
Every employee in Kokando is diligent and passionate. With the cooperation of experienced veteran and energetic new workers, we will continue improving our technology and make a contribution to society.
Also, besides Japan, we also started developing the southeast markets mainly for OTC medicine and generic drugs.
In the future, please continue supporting us!


Company Profile

Company Name Kokando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Established Date February 1st, 1980
Locations Head Office 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
R&D Site 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
Tokyo Office 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0006
Amagasaki plant 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
Sanda plant 21-1 Techno-park, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan 669-1339
Capita l 250 Million Yen
Sales Proceeds Sales 5598 Million Yen (for the year ended in June 2018)
Ordinary 573 Million Yen (for the year ended in June 2018)
Business Outline Manufacturing and Sales of Medicines
Number of Employees 188 (as of June 30, 2018)
Affiliated Companies Kokando Medicine Co., Ltd.
Head office 1-1-1 Yurakucyo,Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo,Japan 100-0006
Daiichi Kokando Co., Ltd.

沿革 : History

1980 Company founded
1981 "REISHI", as health food containing activated
1982 Manufacturing site in Amagasaki completed
1983 Manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs started
1985 Tokyo Office opened
1986 "SENNA Tablets" launched
1989 "NEO CALCIUM Tablets" launched
1991 "BEAULUCK", for constipation, launched
1992 "NATURAL VITAMIN E" and "VITAMIN C Tablets" launched
1993 The second manufacturing site in Amagasaki relocated (merged later)
1994 "VITAMIN BB" launched
1996 "KOKANDO BENPIYAKU", for constipation, and "NEO VITAMIN EX" launched
1997 The first manufacturing site in Amagasaki expanded and merged as Amagasaki Plant
1998 "VITAMIN EC-L Tablets" launched
2000 Nagoya Office opened
"SOUGOUKANBOUYAKU", a cold remedy, launched
2002 "NEOVITA C Tablets" launched
2003 Several pharmaceutical drugs (analgesics etc.) launched
"CONDRO POWER EX Tablets", for arthralgia, and "BIENYAKU", for Rhinitis, launched
2007 Manufacturing site in Sanda completed
2008 Head office relocated
2009 "NEW NEOVITAMIN EX", "VITAMIN BB PLUS" and "ADAM A Tablets", an antipyretic analgesic, launched
2010 "RIPOSMIN", for insomnia, launched
2011 "NORIMONOYOINOKUSURI", for motion sickness, launched
2012 "JIYOUKYOUSOUYAKU α", as health food for nourishment and tonicity, launched
Tokyo Office relocated
2013 "FAMOTIDINE Tablets" lanched
2014 "LOXOPROFEN Tablets" lanched
2016 "ALLERBI" lanched
2017 "HEPAFIT" lanched
2018 "NEOVITA WHITE C PLUS" lanched

事業所 : Office

Head Office

2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803

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Amagasaki plant

2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803

Sanda plant

21-1 Techno-park, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan 669-1339