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People-oriented, keep up with the times and create new possibilities

The environment pharmaceutical companies face is changing dramatically.
People pay more and more attention to health and the innovation of medical technology. At the same time, with the society becoming more and more childless and aging, people have more expectations of hospitals that everyone, old or young, can get access to at ease.
Developed countries are trying to control rising costs of health care and drugs while also trying to reform health care for the future. Developing countries, led by Asia, also have more pursuit of high-quality pharmaceuticals.
Our company's most important aim is to constantly innovate and make high-quality medicine on the basis of accurate and reliable knowledge and experience.
In order to make a contribution to the health and betterment of all mankind, our company's researchers always keep up with the development of the times, never forget the original aspiration and constantly challenge new topics.
With this in mind, we are actively investing in the fields of research and development, production facilities and personnel training on the basis of our medium-term business plan. Under the guidance of ethics and morality, we continue to make efforts in the development and production of high-quality pharmaceuticals, and strive to provide users and patients with safe and effective high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Superior quality and affordable price

The pursuit of generic drug manufacturers are:
Promote generic drugs to the world with stable supply, reliable quality and accurate information.
Japan is the first developed country to experience an ageing society, but the spread of generics has not caught up. In the future, the country will encourage more and more people to use generic drugs, accelerate the commercialization of generic drugs, and at the same time, the price war will be increasingly fierce.
In addition to developed countries, developing countries are facing the problem of drug costs caused by the aging society. Therefore, generic drugs also have great development potential overseas.

Our company Kokando always insist on high quality management and strict manufacturing management, in order to provide customers and patients with high quality drugs at affordable prices.
Based on the basic requirements of the quality management manual, our company continuously improves the quality management system. At the same time, through strict quality requirements and management, we practically adopt thorough quality management for all stages from raw materials to intermediate products to final products.
Our company improves production efficiency by introducing cutting-edge production equipment, and implements the strictest test to ensure safety and high quality through automatic computerization of the manufacturing process.

"Be healthier and more beautiful" is our mission!

People's pursuit of health and beauty is constant, and as times change, people have a new understanding and pursuit of health and beauty. Our goal is to capture these new needs and contribute to a healthy life for everyone.
With enthusiasm, our staff continues to refine their technology day by day, in order to contribute to the health of all mankind.
Moreover, as the backbone of non-prescription drugs and generic drugs, our company will be constantly expanding overseas market
(mainly to southeast Asia) while developing the domestic market.
Thank you for your support all the time, and thank you for your understanding and care in the future.

President Toshaki Tsukiyama

Company Profile

Company Name Kokando Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Established Date February 1st, 1980
Locations Head Office 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
R&D Site 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
Tokyo Office 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0006
Amagasaki plant 2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803
Sanda plant 21-1 Techno-park, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan 669-1339
Capita l 250 Million Yen
Sales Proceeds Sales 6427 Million Yen (for the year ended in June 2019)
Ordinary 794 Million Yen (for the year ended in June 2019)
Business Outline Manufacturing and Sales of Medicines
Number of Employees 223 (as of June 30, 2019)
Affiliated Companies Kokando Medicine Co., Ltd.
Head office 1-1-1 Yurakucyo,Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo,Japan 100-0006
Daiichi Kokando Co., Ltd.

沿革 : History

1980 Company founded
1981 "REISHI", as health food containing activated
1982 Manufacturing site in Amagasaki completed
1983 Manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs started
1985 Tokyo Office opened
1986 "SENNA Tablets" launched
1989 "NEO CALCIUM Tablets" launched
1991 "BEAULUCK", for constipation, launched
1992 "NATURAL VITAMIN E" and "VITAMIN C Tablets" launched
1993 The second manufacturing site in Amagasaki relocated (merged later)
1994 "VITAMIN BB" launched
1996 "KOKANDO BENPIYAKU", for constipation, and "NEO VITAMIN EX" launched
1997 The first manufacturing site in Amagasaki expanded and merged as Amagasaki Plant
1998 "VITAMIN EC-L Tablets" launched
2000 Nagoya Office opened
"SOUGOUKANBOUYAKU", a cold remedy, launched
2002 "NEOVITA C Tablets" launched
2003 Several pharmaceutical drugs (analgesics etc.) launched
"CONDRO POWER EX Tablets", for arthralgia, and "BIENYAKU", for Rhinitis, launched
2007 Manufacturing site in Sanda completed
2008 Head office relocated
2009 "NEW NEOVITAMIN EX", "VITAMIN BB PLUS" and "ADAM A Tablets", an antipyretic analgesic, launched
2010 "RIPOSMIN", for insomnia, launched
2011 "NORIMONOYOINOKUSURI", for motion sickness, launched
2012 "JIYOUKYOUSOUYAKU α", as health food for nourishment and tonicity, launched
Tokyo Office relocated
2013 "FAMOTIDINE Tablets" lanched
2014 "LOXOPROFEN Tablets" lanched
2016 "ALLERBI" lanched
2017 "HEPAFIT" lanched
2018 "NEOVITA WHITE C PLUS" lanched

事業所 : Office

Head Office

2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803

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Amagasaki plant

2-8-27, Nagasuhondori, Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan 660-0803

Sanda plant

21-1 Techno-park, Sanda, Hyogo, Japan 669-1339