Our Beliefs


Be in Japan, advance towards the world.

General manager of R&D department Norihito Shimono

Engaging in the pharmaceutical research needs not only an ambitious dream, but also the sense of responsibility.
I always tell myself that I can never forget my responsibility and contribute to society.
As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we are mainly committed to the research and development of vitamin and flu medicine. At the same time, we are extending our business to many other fields on the base of OTC in order to reach our goal to grow as a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Although our vitamin pills, as one of our best product, have already been household in Japan, it is no doubt that there are still a lot of people suffering from vitamin insufficiency in many other countries.
As long as needed, we are honored to deliver our products to any corner in the world.
In the future, we are determined to grow stronger together with other pharmaceutical companies and continue offering high quality products to everyone who needs us.
We are still young and the spirit of upward mobility is our belief to move ahead.
On the way of realizing our dream, we will focus on innovation and efficiency.
With the spirit of ‘All for one , one for all’, we will spare no effort to reach our goal.

Our pride: insist on high quality and never compromise

Production headquarter, Manufacturing department, Sanda factory director Osamu Ikemizu

In Sanda factory, about 120 employees are working hard.
Every staff member glows and heats up in his own position. With faith, they make continuous efforts to contribute to the healthy life of more people in the world,.
There is no room for any mistake, and our goal is to provide people with the highest quality medicines.
On the one hand, we introduce cutting-edge equipment to the factory to automate the computerization of quality management. On the other hand, all major parts of the project are supervised by personnel.
In order to meet the highest quality requirements, every employee strictly follows the regulations and provides reliable pharmaceutical products based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
At the same time, in order to provide more people with high-quality medicines at a lower price, improving production efficiency becomes a major topic of our company.
Continuous pursuit of higher quality and productivity depends on the wisdom, enthusiasm and faith of each employee.
For Kokando, talent is wealth.
Here, with sincere enthusiasm, everyone try their best to contribute to people's healthy life.
From promising young researchers to independent experts with experience, everyone continues to study and strive to provide people with high-quality and reliable medicines.
· GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality