Calcium Supplements

NEO CALCIUM TabletsType 3 Medicine

Package photo of NEO CALCIUM Tablets

Dosage form of NEO CALCIUM Tablets
dosage form : Uncoated tablets


  • Calcium is essential nutrition for bones and teeth and for proper functioning of the heart.
  • This product mainly contains calcium hydrogen phosphate which is also the main component of bone.Recommend a daily intake of 15 tablets (containing 645mg calcium).
  • This product is recommended as calcium supplements for :
    ・growing children
    ・pregnant and lactating women
    ・preventing bone fragility during menopause
    ・maintenance of good health

CALCIUM-L Tablets - KUNIHIROdesignated quasi-drug

Package photo of CALCIUM-L Tablets

Dosage form of CALCIUM-L Tablets
dosage form : Uncoated tablets


  • This product consists of ”Precipitated calcium carbonate” which has a relatively high content of calcium (40%).
  • Two tablets (daily dose for adult) contain 500mg of calcium.
  • Yogurt flavored chewable tablets containing Xylitol as a sweetener.
  • Children aged 7 years and older can take the tablets (One tablet, once daily).